Star Wars Twitter Account Recognized Kelly Marie Tran’s Birthday But Not James Earl Jones


I’m sorry but this is NOT OK.  Yesterday the official Star Wars Twitter account made a big post wishing Kelly Marie Tran, the Rose Tico actress, a Happy Birthday, but they didn’t bother wishing James Earl Jones a Happy Birthday. His birthday is also on January 17th.

He’s a Disney Legend for pity sakes!

To make matters worse they posted the following on Martin Luther King Jr. Day today.


Today, we honor Dr. King and celebrate his legacy. The Lucasfilm family is committed to the fight for justice and equality in every corner of the galaxy….

Well apparently not. They didn’t care enough about “justice and equality” to give James Earl Jones a birthday post but they gave Kelly Marie Tran one. Don’t get me wrong, Happy Birthday to her as well, but Darth Vader has been the cornerstone of the Star Wars universe and is the key to the Skywalker Saga. Mr. Jones is an iconic black actor who voiced the pop culture phenom character and they couldn’t even wish him a Happy Birthday!

Nothing like stepping over Darth Vader and then putting Kelly Marie Tran into a potential backlash situation again. Is Lucasfilm doing this on purpose and then will say that people are against women again?

Then to turn around and post about Dr. King and his legacy after stepping over a prominent black, male actor.  You can’t make this up!

What the heck Lucasfilm?

They also posted a quote from Martin Luther King Jr.


People are pointing out that they were fine with minimizing John Boyega’s character of Finn in both scope and on the actual movie poster.

Twitter is having a field day:

Come on Lucasfilm / Disney you can do better than this.

Source: Twitter

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