‘Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance’ Opening Isn’t Going as Smoothly as Disney Hoped


Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opened at Walt Disney World yesterday. Early in it broke down for about an hour and the virtual queuing “boarding passes” were gone by 8:30 AM.  Even then some scheduled individuals still didn’t get to ride, which prompted Disney to issue them a FastPass+ and free one day ticket with Park Hopper.

Even before opening we were hearing it was breaking down often in testing and it apparently broke down during the December 4th media event as well.

Now, that being said, a complicated attraction like this one is bound to break down. Especially since we have heard from multiple sources that it was rushed to be completed for the December 5th opening date. Even then the ride looks amazing and that is a testament to the Disney Imagineers that made it work! It isn’t breaking as often as I would have expected.

But we are into day two and the same issues are again happening. The Virtual Queue was at capacity by 9AM and the attraction has already broken down a couple of times today. This means that just because you have a boarding pass doesn’t mean you will actually get to ride the attraction.

The attraction looks good and I’m sure it’s great, everyone who actually gets to ride it says so. But people are getting an assigned time and still can’t ride it. That is the issue here. I don’t think Disney is going to give out FastPass+ and free one day tickets for long.

An LA Times reporter talks about how they had to wait around Disney’s Hollywood Studios for 10 hours to ride. But at least they didn’t have to just stand in line. So in that regard I say the boarding groups are a huge success. Finally, after 10 hours they got to ride.

To me the irony of the shade Disney’s Bob Chapek threw at Universal about the wait times for Hagrid’s Magical Motorbike Adventure is coming around to bite them. So maybe they shouldn’t stoop moving forward.

Just remember that 1. Unless you have a boarding group you can not ride the attraction. 2. If it breaks down you still might not be able to ride the attraction. 3. It’s good when you do get to ride.

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