Star Wars on Disney Plus: Obi-Wan Confirmed, ‘The Mandalorian’ Trailer Drops


Disney Plus dominated D23 news on Friday, with Disney dropping a ton of new series and movies for its upcoming Netflix rival streaming service.

Is The Force with Disney Plus?

While there’s no denying that Star Wars isn’t in the best place with fans or consumers right now, social media did seem to perk up at the official confirmation of an Obi-Wan series starring Ewan McGregor.

While there’s no launch date set, according to Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy all the scripts are written and the Obi-Wan series will begin filming next year.

The first full trailer for John Favreau’s Disney Plus series The Mandalorian has dropped, and overall the internet seems pretty stoked for the new Star Wars series.

The trailer features a lot of iconic original trilogy visuals, such as an AT-ST and an IG-88-esque assassin droid (not believed to be IG-88 himself.) Clearly this series was designed to appeal to older Star Wars fans who’ve felt disenfranchised by the direction the sequel trilogy has been headed in.

The future is female… er… direct-to-TV.

Obi-Wan was once believed to be the next “Star Wars Story” theatrical film after Solo. However, that movie’s disastrous box office seemed to relegate the Jedi Master to the small screen.

Likewise, The Mandalorian could be a reworking of the Boba Fett film that was also rumored to have been shelved after Solo.

So for the time being, it appears that live-action Star Wars has been relegated to streaming. But it might just be ahead of the curve, as streaming appears to be the future of entertainment in the forseeable future and Disney one of the biggest players.

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