Star Wars Fan Film “Secura” Shows The Jedi Warrior In Action


The Star Wars is a franchise that has mostly stayed alive because of its very passionate fanbase. Watching the movies, buying the toys, playing the video games and of course making fan projects. Things like fan art, podcasts, lore videos etc. But some go beyond and make their own fan films.

One such fan has made a fan film dedicated to the female Jedi warrior Aayla Secura. YouTuber and Cosplayer Rei Kennex portrays the Twi’lek force user as she trains with her clone troopers just before she ventures off to the Planet of Felucia; To which she will ultimately meet her end at the hands of her troopers in Revenge of the Sith.

Rei Kennex does a very good job visually replicating the Jedi warrior as well as portraying the trust she has with her clone troopers. Not to mention the special effects aren’t that bad, almost looks like it could have been for an official project.

Rei Kennex has previously done an Ashoka Tano short film called “FULCRUM”, showing off what a hypothetical standalone Ahsoka Tank film may look like.

Hopefully in the future we will get to see future Star Wars fan projects from her. Perhaps a short fan film based on Master Liminara Unduli or maybe even Asajj Ventress. 

With the disappointment that was the Disney Sequel Trilogy, seeing fans continue to express their love for Star Wars through fan films like this definitely helps keep the fanbase alive. More projects like Star Wars Theory’s Darth Vader series or the Kenobi short film by Jamie Costa defiantly gives hope to a fandom that felt somewhat betrayed.

Hopefully the future of the brand is bright with people like Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau running the ship, inspiring more fans to share their passion for the franchise through projects like this.

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