‘Star Wars’ Fan Attacked By Arm of Jar Jar Binks Statue


Mesa don’t feel so good.

File this under What the Heck.

Apparently a 29 year-old man in the UK named Marcus Reid suffered broken ribs after being attacked with a severed arm from his 7-foot tall Jar Jar Binks ‘Star Wars’ statue.

According to ‘The Sun’ Reid was beaten by his girlfriends father, Neil Govier, 36. It appears Govier was drunk and ripped the head and arm off of poor Jar Jar. Then he proceeded to use the arm to inflict injury on Reid.

This happened after a “pub crawl” and Mr. Govier said he was “so drunk he could not remember the incident.”

The life-sized Gungan cost Marcus Reid £285 (about $387) when he purchased it. I have to say that isn’t a bad deal for that piece.

Reid did get it repaired stating: “I’ve got it fixed but it has cost hundreds.”

Govier admitted to the damages and the attack and he was fined £585 (about $800) and he will pay £510 in compensation as well.

Whether you like Jar Jar Binks or not, I have to give this fan props for taking it harder for his fandom than most have to. He didn’t even have go to Twitter to get attacked that hard.

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Source: The Sun

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