Splash Mountain Log Sinks For A Third Time


Ever since the Magic Kingdom park in Florida re-opened in mid-2020 there have been a few incidents involving boats sinking here and there. The Jungle Cruise had a boat sink, and Pirates of the Caribbean had a crash, but Splash Mountain has had not one, not two, but three of its log sink beneath the water in this latest malfunction.

Shortly after the park re-opened in 2020 a log began to take up water and sank, thankfully nobody was seriously injured. 

In April of this year another log began to sink at the exit platform. Again nobody was hurt, just really really wet.

Now third time’s the charm when another log sank beneath the water flow with guests evacuating. A guest by the name of Ted Klein shared on Facebook an image of the riders evacuating somewhere near the briar patch scene. Thankfully nobody was hurt.

This shows that the attraction has some serious issues with its ride vehicles if this has been a somewhat frequent occurrence. Someone should definitely look into this as they are planning the re-theme/refurbishment. 

Some might see this as a bad omen; With the re-theme to “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure” (based on The Princess and the Frog) about to go into full swing and the ride having issues ever since they announced the change some might take it as a sign. But it is most likely just a coincidence. 

Nevertheless, Disney seriously needs to look into getting their boats either refurbished or replaced by the time they get everything ready for the big re-theme. Nobody will want to go on a “new” attraction when all the ride vehicles keep sinking. Disney already has enough bad PR on their hands, they don’t need to add “Ride vehicles may sink” to their list of warnings.

Source: WDW News Today

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