Special Donald Duck Pastry at Amorette’s Patisserie


I function in a demographic not targeted by the marketing of Disney’s Munchlings. Munchlings are one of the many collectible plush-style toys that Disney makes us crave. These adorable creations have drawn many people to start gathering a set of them. On November 3rd, a new Donald Duck Munchling started being sold at the World of Disney store in Disney Springs. In celebration of this, Amorette’s Patisserie also unveiled a new pastry. Chef Stefan Riemer, we learned this morning, has a strong appreciation of Donald Duck. In connection with this Munchling release, Chef Riemer created a special pastry. Just like the new Donald Duck Munchling will be available for a limited time so will this special Donald Duck pastry be around for a limited time.

On November 3rd, the chef met with the media and guests to discuss the pastry and his partnership with the merchandise item. This fabulous-looking pastry costs $14. The pastry consists of vanilla chiffon cake, a Japanese sponge roll, yuzu curd, yuzu chantilly, caramel ganache, blueberry jam, and jalapeño gel. The spicy gel was included to match the “spicy” attitude that Donald Duck often displays. Since there is a little bit of Donald in all of us, I had to give this limited-edition item a try. As a friend said to me when I told them when they saw this pastry and said something like, Wow, there is jalapeno in that cute thing.

So, I bravely sat down in a cool air-conditioned condo to try this exclusive pastry. I paused at first since I did not want to hurt Donald. Okay, maybe I did not want him to scream at me. The outer shell and vanilla cake provide a subtle pleasant flavor. Personally, I did not enjoy the sponge roll portion very much, but it does balance well with the rest of the components. If you have concerns about the jalapeno gel, I noticed it but did not feel it detracted from the pastry. In fact, I found the gel and blueberry jam enjoyable with this pastry.

As I continued to enjoy this pastry, it became obvious that some of the pastry colors will get on your fingers, clothes, and napkins. Despite that, this pastry displays great care in design and excellent flavors. I especially enjoyed the vanilla chiffon cake portion. As with most Amorette’s Patisserie bakery-style items, the flavors earn high marks.

Sorry Donald, I had to do it!

Still, would this Donald Duck-inspired creation be worth $14? If you are a Donald Duck fan, this might be. If you were coming to the World of Disney next door, Amorette’s Patisserie, then I can see you buying this. The flavors will be enjoyable. However, both this pastry and the munching will only be around for a short time. As always, eat like you mean it!

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