Some Guests at Walt Disney World Hotels Reporting Resort Phone Scam

(Photo Credit: Fox 35)

This report is coming from WDWNT, so credit goes to them. According to their article, many reports are coming in from guests at both the Contemporary and Polynesian Village that they are getting phone calls, who say they are the front desk and they ask for credit card information.

Apparently guests are being called, usually in their hotel rooms, by someone claiming to be from the front desk of their hotel. WDWNT mentioned that it usually comes after someone makes a request for something associated with the room. Then they are asked to confirm their address and credit card information. After the calls fraudulent charges start to appear on their credit cards. Remember, it’s required to have a credit card on file for your Disney hotel and they are pushing cashless payments so having a credit card or debit card it necessary.

From what WDWNT is hearing the charges are being racked up. One person had up to $400 charged. When they realized the issue they reported it to the Disney and was then asked to report it to the Disney security and the Orange County Sheriff’s office.

That’s just one of the reports. They are reporting others. But as WDWNT pointed out, what’s interesting is that the scammers seem to have access to direct phone lines, names, requests and room numbers.

Disney is aware and they are doing what they can with Guest Services and the Orange County Sheriff’s office, who’s investigating. Disney is not refunding the money as it wasn’t them who added the charges. Which is normal. If your card information gets scammed at a store, it’s not the store who refunds you.

Just be aware and stay diligent if you are visiting the resort. I’m not sure if it has yet reached beyond those two resorts, but as of now WDWNT says the reports are coming from those two.

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Source: Full credit to WDWNT, check out their article for more information on the reported incident.

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