‘Slave Leia’ Censored on New Return of the Jedi Merchandise


The original Star Wars trilogy from 1977 through 1983 is considered to be one of the greatest trilogies of all time. Each film giving us iconic characters, bizarre worlds and a timeless story of heroes and villains. 

But one thing is for sure when it comes to Star Wars, and that is if you have any merchandise based on the original trilogy you’re most likely going to sell a lot of it. Fans want to own what they love from those iconic films. But now it appears that one piece of iconic imagery may have been altered for being “problematic”.

On a brand new T-Shirt that has art from the classic film posters in the original trilogy it appears that the part for Return of the Jedi has been altered. The infamous “Slave Leia” outfit has been replaced by Leia wearing her Hoth outfit from The Empire Strikes Back.

Twitter User @MisterR0b0t0 was able to take a few screenshots of the changed imagery and shared it online:

The outfit in question was worn by Leia when she was prisoner to Jabba the Hutt, though she only wore the outfit on screen for a little less than 10 minutes of the whole film. Despite that it has become an iconic outfit in association with the character.

Over the years some have said the outfit is too sexual and that it should be censored. Now it appears that Disney/Lucasfilm is attempting to change history to not risk offending people.

If you’re going to censor the image at least use something from the same film, as Leia never actually wore that outfit in Return of the Jedi. Her camouflage outfit on Endor would have made more sense. 

Either way this does make me worry about other iconic imagery in the series that may be changed/altered for “sensitivity purposes,” like when Boba Fett’s ship the “Slave I” was changed to the “Firespray“.

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