She-Hulk Was Supposed To Be More Muscular During Development


Ever Since the trailer for the new She-Hulk series coming to Disney Plus was revealed the internet has had a field day mocking the visual effects. Becoming the subject of memes from “Bad CGI Sonic”, to Yoda, to Banjo-Kazooie and even The Sims.

Looking more like the cousin to the Jolly Green Giant than The Hulk, Many can agree the visual effects seem more cheap when compared to the MCU’s feature films. But apparently there may be a reason as to why this is.

A viral tweet from @CultureCave states that the visual effects early on intended for her to be more muscular. But the VFX team received feedback from management asking them to “make her smaller“:

The information apparently comes from visual effects designer Sean Ruecroft who has apparently worked on multiple MCU projects.

At this time the @SeanRunecroft twitter account tagged to this tweet no longer exists. Apparently it was shut down. But a screenshot shows the tweet where this quote came from.

Perhaps they were pressured into deleting their account by higher ups.

Perhaps this explains the poor quality VFX. The fact they they were asked to redo the effects and “make her smaller” would have definitely cost a lot of time and money. Thus this is how we got what we got.

The idea of her being more muscular isn’t necessarily a bad thing, she is the cousin of the Hulk after all. Even in her original comic debut she appeared to be larger in size when compared to the Disney Plus show.

But then again not long ago She-Hulk was given a “Makeover” which wasn’t received very well by fans.

However this version was abandoned shortly after due to pressure from fans.

Perhaps a good reference for a muscular female character that people seem to enjoy would be Luisa Madrigal from the recent animated Disney film Encanto. In fact when Encanto first came out many compared the two.

The She-Hulk series is set to premier on Disney Plus on August 17th, 2022.

What do you think? Would you have preferred a more muscular She-Hulk?

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