Scene Breakdown for ‘Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway’

(Concept Art: Disney)

Cast Member previews have begun and now we are getting to hear what is actually involved in this attraction. It sounds very dynamic and kind of reminds me of Mystic Manor in how it’s described (which is a very good thing.)

BlogMickey has posted some information on the attraction and I highly recommend you check that out HERE. Full credit to them!

What we didn’t realize is that we’ve been shown most of the attraction through concept art this entire time.

Here’s a quick break-down for you (Spoilers Ahead)

Guests will enter the Chinese Theater and instead of going into one theater they are divided into two theaters. The new Perfect Picnic Mickey short is running in these theaters.

(Photo credit: Disney)

Here’s where it starts to get interesting. During the short Goofy apparently crashes the train into the screen and that is where the entrance for the attraction is. It reminds me of what we see in Rise of the Resistance when the Resistance cuts a hole in your cell and it become the entrance to the vehicle loading zone.

Literally walking you into the cartoon.

Now we are in the Barn Loading Area.

Then we are headed into the attraction.

Scene one is the picnic scene in Runnamuck Park. This is the scene we’ve been seeing since the early concept are was revealed.

Next we come to another piece of concept art we’ve seen.

Goofy is shown on screen driving the train and then we see Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse animatronics pull up beside the train. They will interact with the riders.

(Concept Art: Disney)

This is where it starts to get interesting!

Since it’s a trackless ride system vehicles can move independently (again like we see with Rise of the Resistance.) The train cars all separate.

Here’s where it starts to remind me of Mystic Manor from the descriptions.

After the cars separate Mickey and Minnie try to save the guests, all while riding horses. Then the cars enter a carnival scene.

(Concept Art: Disney)

Mickey and Minnie animatronics return right before guests are hit with a tornado. This of course spins the cars.

(Concept Art: Disney)

Special effects and screens make it appear that our ride vehicles are lifted and we are put in a tropical area.

This is where we get the waterfall we’ve seen in concept art. According to BlogMickey there’s also a volcanic explosion here.

Here we end up in the underwater scene we’ve been shown in concept art.

Guests move from underwater, through a culvert and into a city.

Here Daisy Duck is teaching a dance class and she teaches us to do moves. The cars will “dance” for us.

Then the ride cars head for a factory and dangerous machinery. But Mickey and Minnie save the day!

We end up back in the park for the picnic at the end of the attraction.

I have got to tell you that after hearing the scene breakdown I’m really excited about this attraction. I’ll always miss The Great Movie Ride, but this could make me feel better about it.

Follow along on March 4th at we ride the new attraction!

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Credit to BlogMickey! Make sure you follow them and check it out.



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