RUMOR: Marvel Zombies Potentially Coming To The MCU



With the MCU gearing up with Phase 4 many people have been speculating as to what other major stories might be adapted for the large interconnected franchise after the conclusion of an 11-Year story arc. Some suggest Secret Wars, others suggest Secret Invasion and so on. But a recent report suggests that one of the most out there stories from the Marvel Universe may apparently be in the works. That story being Marvel Zombies.

Created in 2005, the five issue series takes place in an alternate universe where an infection has turned most of the Avengers, The Fantastic 4 and X-Men into zombies who are being controlled by “The Hunger”.

The series was short lived yet various sequels and spin-offs, including a crossover with the Evil Dead franchise via a partnership with Dynamite Entertainment, kept the idea going. The series eventually grew its own cult fallowing as a fun alternate universe where you mix Marvel with The Walking Dead.

Recently a source for We’ve Got This Covered said that a film adaptation of the story is in the works due to the reception of the recent Marvel What If…? episode:

If my sources are correct, a little live-action Marvel Zombies further down the line, but you never heard that from me.

If these claims are indeed true it will be quite the challenge to keep the title PG-13 like the other MCU films. Sure Deadpool 3 is indeed in development but it is unknown in Disney will force a PG-13 edit for the R-Rated anti-hero like the PG-13 Cut of Deadpool 2 aka Once Upon a Deadpool.

Will we see a Zombie Apocalypse in the Marvel Universe? Only time will tell.

**Editor’s Note** There have recently been pre-orders for Marvel Zombie Funko Pop! figures as well, which could be either a sign or a litmus test to measure interest. 

Source: We Got This Covered 

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