RUMOR: Howard Stern Involved With Unannounced Doctor Doom Project?



Ever since Disney bough 20th Century Fox in 2019 and Marvel regained the rights to both the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises many Marvel movie fans have been left wondering when either would make their MCU debut.

One of the more well known antagonists in all of Marvel is the infamous Doctor Doom. Leader of the country of Latveria and sworn enemy of the Fantastic Four. Many fans had wanted to see him as the lead villain of an Avengers film, which sadly never happened.

But now it appears that the villainous dictator will be making his MCU debut after all, but the apparent choice for the actor possibly playing him isn’t someone anybody was expecting.

Popular radio show host Howard Stern accidentally left a live mic on his show during a commercial break, and what he had to say was VERY surprising.

So what does this mean? Well many people immediately believed that he meant that he would be playing the titular villain. A rather odd choice for a ruthless dictator. Another option would be that he isn’t playing the lead villain but would instead play either a secondary or minor role in a currently unannounced Doctor Doom project (which is very likely). The third and final option was that it was simply a bit to get people talking about him, which many longtime fans apparently believe is the case.

What do you take from all of this? Will the king of controversial radio be the next big MCu villain? Or will he be playing a smaller role? Or perhaps could he just be fibbing just for some extra clout? Is there even a Doctor Doom project in development at all? We will have to wait and see.

Source: The Direct

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