Rumor: Gina Carano Might Get A Cara Dune ‘Star Wars: The Mandalorian’ Spin-Off


This is definitely a rumor but there’s more than one source is confirming they’ve heard this. Apparently Gina Carano might get a Disney+ spin-off series for her Cara Dune character from ‘The Mandalorian.’ Now not much is known about this other than the rumor that it’s something being considered.

Who is Cara Dune?

In ‘The Mandalorian’ Cara Dune was originally from Alderaan and became a Shock Trooper for the Rebel Alliance before she teams up with Mando and The Child in the new show. Due to her popularity they are considering giving her a show of her own.

This rumor comes from Bounding Into Comics, who got it from LRM Online. Then Kessel Run Transmissions Corey Van Dyke confirmed that he had heard this as well:


We already knew that they were really going all in on Star Wars again for Disney+.

Ex-CEO Bob Iger said that they were slowing down due to “fandom burn out” it seems that they have changed their minds after ‘The Mandalorian’ performed so well last November. Several characters have been rumored to appear in season 2 and/or get their own spin-off shows, like Ashoka Tano.

After the Disney restructuring announcement a couple of days ago, Disney made it very clear that “Direct-to-consumer” aka Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ and Star, was where they were going to focus their attention moving forward. It makes complete sense that they would give Cara Dune her own “prequel” show like they are doing with Cassian Andor.

My only concern is that Disney is going to actually cause “burn out” with their constant stream of Star Wars spin-off shows. With the talk that the Expanded Universe made it too hard for some to keep up, I don’t think droppings as many stories in a few years that the EU did in a couple decades is really a great idea.

That being said I would totally be open to giving a Cara Dune show a chance! I really like the character and I liked Gina Carano in the role, but of course it’s all just rumor at this point.

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Sources: Bounding Into Comics, LRM Online on Twitter, Corey Van Dyke on Twitter

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