Rumor: Disney Is Trying to Make “Alien” It’s Next “Mega-Franchise”


Disney has allegedly decided to try their white, gloved hands, at yet another Intellectual Property (IP) they’ve acquired. This time they are going to try and turn “Alien” into their big “mega-franchise” according to the website Small Screen.

We already knew they were going to make a new series with Noah Hawley because the mentioned it during the Disney Investor Day. We are also hearing that Ridley Scott is back in to executive produce Alien projects.

Now, according to Small Screen, their sources are telling them that Disney wants to make “Aliens” their next big thing with shows and movies for Disney Plus STAR overseas and Hulu in the United States.  They are hearing it referred to as a “Mega-franchise.” An Aliens Cinematic Universe…the ACU if you will.

So another big IP that they purchased could be resurrected. Hopefully it goes better than the Disney sequel trilogy did.

Here’s what Small Screen says they were told by “sources”:

Disney is currently planning out movies and more TV shows based around the Alien property. They are looking at it as their next mega-franchise which will be geared towards getting more adults subscribing to Disney Plus and Hulu.

Apparently they are going for the full “R” rating on these, like they plan to do with “Deadpool 3”

…These future Alien properties will be full-blown action-horror. They are not intending to make these upcoming movies and TV shows PG-13. Disney execs see this property and the Predator franchise – which they now also own – as their ‘adult’ offerings and they are hoping to boost their adult subscribers as it seems as though both movies and TV shows will be put straight to streaming. This is going to be part of their ‘Direct to consumer’ strategy – or ‘DTC’ as they often refer to is as.

It seems they are looking at rebooting the “Predator” series as well.  They already have something being developed by Dan Trachtenberg.

This makes sense given that Disney just recently discovered that a lot of their Disney+ and Disney fan base were people without children. So they likely want to leverage that a lot more.

Personally, I still don’t understand how they just now figured that out. If they were so good at demographics, why did it take them so long?  Just going by the rant in 2019 about the woman in line for Disney pretzel being childless, and the response, should have told them that.


Plus, Disney used to make more adult content films under the “Touchstone” umbrella years ago. Getting the white gloves “dirty” is really anything new.

It’s just good business and I see why they want to make this move. Why buy these properties if you aren’t going to do anything with them. Plus they are all about content, content, content. Even saying that their focus is on quantity because that seems to correlate with more subscribers.

Normally I would be all for it, but given what we’ve seen with other IPs I just hope they move forward with the “Aliens” and possibly “Predator” franchises a bit more cautiously. They fact that they seem to have Ridley Scott makes me feel a bit more hopeful. Perhaps they are learning from past mistakes? I really hope so, but I’m not holding my breath.

For now it’s still up in the air as to how much emphasis Disney will put on these franchises.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: Small Screen, We got this covered

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