RUMOR: Disney Has Created an Internal Attractions Diversity and Values Review Team


We have a new rumor coming from WDWMagic.  According to WDWPro insiders are saying that Disney is putting together an Internal Attractions Diversity and Values Review Team to evaluate and possibly change “problematic attractions.”

According to WDWPro:

Multiple sources have reached out to me today to inform of a new review board being assembled to look at Disney Parks shows and attractions for elements that do not align with as of yet not public principles. My sources do not know if the review board has been filled or by whom. They do both note that this comes directly from Iger, is being spearheaded by a VP, and one source states it was opposed by D’Amaro, though it is unknown why.

One source provides me with the following attractions and experiences which are to be under scrutiny and given recommendations for modification over the next five years:

1. Splash Mountain
2. American Adventure
3. Hall of Presidents
4. Country Bear Jamboree
5. Whoop De Doo Review
6. Carousel of Progress
7. It’s a Small World
8. Peter Pan’s Flight

I must admit that one source is extremely biased as they are passionate that these attractions be protected. For the purposes of avoiding political rules for the forum, I will not give my opinion and will try to be dispassionate. I will say that I had thought the Splash Mountain conversation would pass over, but I believe I was wrong.

The irony here is Thom said “I bet they demand American Adventure be changed too.” I never thought they would. Wow!

If this is true, we might see more changes than just Splash Mountain. As it is we lost the auction scene in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction because an internal committee decided it should change.

Some of these I can’t understand why other than some people think “history is bad.” I’m for changing some things are legitimately problematic, but I’m worried we are going to see changes just because Disney wants to prove they “care.”

Of course this is a rumor, but I do trust the source because they have been right before. Some choices I do understand, but some would need better reasons other than “history.”

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

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