Rumor: Disney Could Release ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Mulan’ To Streaming or Digital?


There has been a lot of chatter online about what Disney will do with Black Widow and Mulan since they can’t release them over the Coronavirus shut-downs. A debate has started in pop culture circles about whether or not Disney would do such a thing.


Personally, I think it’s possible.

With the parks and movie theaters closed, Disney could decide to send these films direct to video on demand and later Disney+.

Many are arguing that Disney wouldn’t do that because then they wouldn’t have their billion dollar box office. I would argue that they just took out debt market loans to the tune of $7.3 billion after just a couple of weeks. They might not be able to afford to hold the movies for months and theaters could be closed for months. Even when they re-open how long will it be until people return? Plus, they will likely have to space people out for awhile and it could cut the capacity down. All of these possibilities could play into a decision about early digital release.

Plus they could release the films as “on demand” and then put them in theaters at a later date. A lot of people would wait to watch in the theater or would watch it at home and at the theater.

Of course right now it’s all speculation, but it could be an interesting litmus test for how financially secure the company is moving forward.

Only time will tell.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: Grace Randolph Twitter, pop-culture internet


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