Rumor: ‘Black Widow’ May Get A Later Release Date and ‘Soul’ Might Go Straight to Disney+


First of all let me clarify that this is just a rumor. It is coming from Variety so you can gauge your level of belief on that.

According to Variety the rumor is that ‘Black Widow’ may get pushed back from November 6th. We just saw Wonder Woman ’84 get pushed to Christmas as well. ‘Soul’ might go directly to Disney+.

Here’s what they said:

“Disney will likely delay “Black Widow,” the superhero adventure from Marvel that was slated to open on Nov. 6, according to multiple individuals with knowledge of the situation. The studio is also exploring various release options for Pixar’s existential cartoon “Soul.” The animated kids’ film is still scheduled to release on Nov. 20, but it is unlikely to move forward with those plans. The studio is even considering releasing it on Disney Plus.

A Disney insider disputed claims that “Soul” was moving to Disney Plus.”

So far Disney has not responded for comment, but it makes sense.

‘Soul’ moving to Disney+ also makes sense as they were testing the waters with ‘Mulan’ and according to what Disney has been saying, it had performed well on Disney+. It faced a ton of controversy, and may thought it wasn’t as good as the animated film (myself included,) but overall it worked fairly well.

I could totally see Disney doing both of these, moving ‘Black Widow’ back and launching ‘Soul’ as a Premium Content Title VOD on Disney+, but for now they are just rumors.

What do you think? Comment to let us know.

Source: Variety

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