Rian Johnson Low Key Confirms That The ‘Star Wars’ Sequel Trilogy Story Changed As It Went Along

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While a lot of media outlets are running with more Rian Johnson and “The Last Jedi” stories, this time saying he didn’t know Kylo Ren would die. I’m going to bring up the fact that he low key confirmed that the stories changed when directors changed. Something fans have been calling out since “The Last Jedi.”

I’m not sure how him not knowing was surprising, given that the sequel trilogy was all over the place and from other interviews and comments, it seems Johnson was off writing his script while J.J. Abrams and crew were filming “The Force Awakens.” It seems that there weren’t many meetings to compare and align story direction, and that’s part of the reason that they don’t seem very cohesive.

Even supporters of “The Last Jedi” admitted that after seeing “Rise of Skywalker” they didn’t feel that the story was planned out from the beginning.

Recently, in yet another tweet thread with excerpts from the interview that Twitter user Sariah Wilson had with Johnson. The director claims that not only did he not know Kylo Ren would die, but he admits the story was in fact fluid and changed when directors changed.


“He explained that it was very much a full hand-off between 7 and 8, just as it was from 8 to 9.”

But it goes on:


Rian did his best to tee up a bunch of things and tried to bring 8 to a point where there were lots of places the story could go. He didn’t want to be unfair to the next director and leave a lot of possibilities. He wasn’t trying for a specific outcome for the end of the series,

But to have lots of dramatic potential” for 9. He answered my question again by saying he didn’t know whether Kylo would live or die, then quickly corrected himself to say he didn’t know whether *Ben* would live or die, and how the series would resolve.

Personally, it didn’t come across to me that he was leaving a lot of places for the story to go. Most of the questions and characters set up in the first film were changed or were given hasty resolutions, leaving very little moving forward.

I’m still trying to figure out why the media is trying to hard to keep Rian Johnson and “The Last Jedi” out in the news. It’s been three years. Many don’t care and have moved on to the new Disney+ shows like “The Mandalorian.”

If this is about his “trilogy” the only one saying it’s still in play is Johnson, via Sariah Wilson on Twitter, who openly says “In this household, we stan a true cinematic king. (with a picture of Rian Johnson.) So sorry, until Disney or Lucasfilm confirm that is indeed the case it’s all hearsay.

But it is interesting that he basically admitted that he didn’t know where it would go because it was always just handed off to the next person. Which confirms what many fans have thought all along.  A franchise like “Star Wars” deserved much better than that.

Thankfully that does not seem to be the case with the new shows moving forward.

Source: Sariah Wilson Twitter

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