Rian Johnson Is Allegedly Still Getting A ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy

Rian Johnson with his jacket open trying to be funny
Rian Johnson on the red carpet | Thomas Cooper/Getty Images

Rian Johnson, the director of the fandom splitting “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” film has again announced that he is in fact getting a “Star Wars” trilogy series at Lucasfilm.

Well all according to Sariah Wilson who interviewed him.

She apparently talked to Mr. Johnson and knows what’s going on according to her tweet.

He says it’s still on, which he keeps saying, even when Disney doesn’t confirm any of it. If he is getting a trilogy it’s not for quite awhile since Disney had indicated plans for three films with Patty Jenkins and Kevin Feige overseeing two of them.

Since Lucasfilm seems to be doing everything in their power to ruin fan goodwill towards the “Star Wars” brand, especially involving the popular offerings like “The Mandalorian” it could be true.

I was under the impression that Disney wanted to make money on the IP, but the controversy coming out of Lucasfilm and their questionable social media double standards, seems to indicate otherwise.

But according to Sariah Wilson and her interview with Rian Johnson, he says he’s still getting his trilogy. Which is strange given that behind the scenes we’re hearing that Disney blames ‘The Last Jedi” for the franchise nose-dive.

File this all under rumor or possibly-maybe for now. Rian’s been saying it for years, and it might be true, but we have no confirmation at this point.

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