Review: Spicy BBQ Brisket Sandwich from Earl of Sandwich

earl of sandwich

Recently, Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs started selling a limited-time Spicy BBQ Brisket sandwich. This sandwich cost $8.99. This sandwich brings a spicy option to this counter-service dining option at Disney Springs.

earl of sandwich

This counter-service style sandwich comes on white or wheat bread. The sandwich earns its name from containing smoked beef brisket, BBQ sauce, jalapeno coleslaw, and pickled jalapenos. I found myself excited to taste this new sandwich. Despite my less-than-stellar experiences with Earl of Sandwich classic offerings, I was excited to try this.

earl of sandwich

The ordering process worked adequately. My sandwich took longer than other people’s orders. If you order this, expect a slightly longer wait. However, I tend to be unlucky here, so your mileage may vary.

earl of sandwich

My first bite of this sandwich failed to impress me. I experienced a little touch of spice from the coleslaw. I found the pickled jalapenos hindered this sandwich. The flavor of them detracts from the positives of this sandwich overall. However, after the third bite, I received far more than normal theme park spicy heat from this sandwich. Only on the fourth bite did I taste any authentic barbecue flavor. The spicy heat factor disappeared when I completed the first half of the sandwich.

Based on my experience with the first half, I decided to try the second half without the pickled jalapenos. I hoped this would help the quality of the sandwich.

With this change, the sandwich improved. The coleslaw worked then. The coleslaw provided a good texture and the right amount of spice. The slaw’s flavor could be better. Yet, the slaw probably was designed to support the barbecue sauce, and brisket does not overwhelm it.

This sandwich must decide what it is, barbecue or another spicy flavor. The merging of brisket and barbecue sounds good on paper. However, this offering from Earl of Sandwich fails to execute this plan, at least this evening.

Overall, this sandwich offered some decent flavors but could have been more consistent. Pickled jalapenos hindered the sandwich on the night I ordered it. Nothing about this sandwich was above average. Still, a nine-dollar sandwich makes decent value at Disney springs, but I would choose other options over this one. For example, the holiday sandwiches here, still on the menu when I went recently, taste far better.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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