Holiday Sandwiches Are Back at Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs


As we approach the season of “Earl” over at Universal Orlando, The Earl of Sandwich would like to make a holiday statement. The holiday sandwich option has returned to Earl of Sandwich in Disney Springs. This year, guests may find a ham version alongside the turkey version.  These sandwiches will be available throughout the holiday season.


Earl of Sandwich’s website describes the turkey version as, “A turkey sandwich with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and all the fixings can hit the spot, but there’s something special about indulging in new foods during the holidays.” They describe these new foods within their holiday sandwiches as a special holiday treat. The turkey version comes with turkey, cornbread stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and mayo. The ham version includes ham, cheddar cheese, yams, and cranberry sauce. They both cost $8.99.

Holiday Turkey

The Holiday Ham provides a combination of savory and sweet. The mixing of sliced ham with cheese makes a nice touch for the foundation of this sandwich. In addition, the sweetness of the yams creates that combination of a full holiday-style meal. With a bit of cranberry sauce, you have a classic family gathering-style meal.

However, the Holiday Turkey version set the standard for holiday-themed sandwiches. The creaminess of the mayo, cranberry sauce, and gravy make this a wonderful experience for your taste buds.

Holiday Ham

In evaluating these, the cranberry sauce works much better with the turkey version. The turkey itself tastes a bit dry without all the other components though. With the other ingredients, the balance works quite well. Although, both sandwiches suffer some inconsistencies with the quality of each bite. As with many of these types of sandwiches with numerous components, the consumer will most likely enjoy it if they get some of each ingredient in every bite. However, that becomes difficult with portions moving as you consume it.

Though both options make a worthwhile holiday sandwich, both I and my dining companion thought the turkey worked better overall. The sandwich offered a reasonable portion size with decent-quality ingredients. If you are looking to get a little bit of holiday nostalgia, these sandwiches will help with that. For under $10 after tax, the value exists with these holiday offerings.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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