Review of Totchos at Woody’s Lunch Box


Oh, Toy Story land, we love you. We obsess about trying to get a Genie+ lightning lane slot at 7am before we come see you. We cry when the Genie+ system tells us we had a slot for Slinky Dog Dash starting at 10am only to find out we really got 3pm. Yes, Toy Story Land, you function as an excellent addition to Hollywood Studios. We know you feel overlooked with Galaxy’s Edge right around the corner. Sorry if you feel people do not like you since apparently in Andy’s back yard no shade exists. Galaxy’s Edge serves “Ronto Wraps” and some quality counter service food at Docking Bay 7.

However, Woody’s Lunch Box, in Toy Story Land area, offers some above average counter service dining also. The “Totchos” sold here serve as a prime example of the quality. An order of these only cost $9.99 which in a theme park sounds like a bargain right there. The menu description for these reads “potato barrels coated with beef and bean chili, shredded cheese and signature queso with tomatoes and corn chips finished with sour cream and a sprinkle of green onions.”

Before discussing this menu item, I must compliment whoever wrote the menu description. They should be writing promotional material for more companies. Also, this very simple food item sounds like a masterpiece being constructed.

Despite that, these totchos offer many positives. The portion size provides a filling meal. Sure, the components are not the highest quality products. Still, this meal revolves around comfort and portion size. These totchos could easily become your favorite item in Hollywood Studios. They provide satisfying simple dining that will fill you up to keep going. Your enjoyment of this menu item will show how highly you value quality food over a filling meal. However, the totchos fulfills the role of a filling meal. Remember, you are spending under $10 before tax. The interesting combination of flavors make a tasty meal (and potential mess). The individual bites taste best when you get as many of the individual ingredients all together.

Some weaknesses of this entrée range from location to texture. First, this location offers limited seating. On busy days, you will most likely have to stand to eat. I suspect standing to enjoy this could be a challenge.  Second, the potato barrels often get soggy. This results functions in sharp contrast to the covered tater tots over at Universal Orlando at Green Eggs and Ham. I guess paying Ore-Ida for the ability to call them tater tots makes the quality of potato higher. Third, I felt these need a bit more queso. The queso quality rates average at best. However, the queso pairs with potato barrels well.

In the answer to the ultimate food question: “Would I pay for these again?”, I say yes. These  tastes inferior to covered tater tots at other places. Yet, the ability to a filling decent tasting meal for under $10 makes these a solid counter service option in my opinion. As always, eat like you mean it!

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