Review of ‘Halloween Nightmare Fuel’ at HHN30


This year for Halloween Horror Nights 30(HHN30) at Universal Studios Florida there is a new show entitled Halloween Nightmare Fuel. This show happens in the Fear Factor stage location between London Waterfront and MIB attraction. Many of my blogging colleagues wondered if this meant the show would be sponsored by Mountain Dew with a title like that.

During my private group RIP tour, we were seated for the 11:00 showing. There are four shows each night during HHN30. The queue for this show can be long, so if you are going for only one night, you might have to decide to see this show but then miss several of the houses.

If desiring to see this show, you will need either be on an RIP tour or expect to line up early. Also, every seat was filled in the stadium.


If you are concerned about social distancing in a covered stadium, this might be the show to skip. At this point it is good time to remind people that the Orlando area theme parks are making numerous announcements about maintaining social distance on their public address speakers. However, when you enter an attraction, you should expect some version of “fill in the available space.” This is not a commentary on whether this is good or bad but just informing the reader. The issue was most present in this attraction at HHN even more than the conga lines through houses.

This show is not intended for younger children just as much of HHN30 is not appropriate. This show features impressive magical elements, talented aerial acrobatics, well themed music, and an adequate number of surprises. The dancers are highly skilled. Their outfits, or lack thereof, will be noticed. The term “salacious” (or similar terms) were used often to describe the outfits and style of dancing. Once again, this is probably not kid friendly.

In my opinion, the most impressive part was the fire juggling. I am not sure how to describe it but several people on stage would be juggling fire on devices designed to hold the fire. This fire element was well done and fit the drama of the show.

Yes, this show is not for children, however, I am not sure HHN30 was ever marketed as not so scary anyway. This show is an excellent addition to HHN30 which still needs more shows to ease potential congestion in house queues. If my concerns have not created nightmares for you, this show is well worth your time.

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