Review Of Dagwood Sandwich At Blondies in Universal Orlando

For many years, the basic rule has been to avoid dining in Marvel Super Hero Island and Toon Lagoon. These are the first two lands you enter at Islands of Adventure if you turn left after leaving Port of Entry. Now that has changed since Wimpy’s Burger is commonly open in Toon Lagoon now.

The Toon Lagoon area is the location of Blondie’s. This place is themed to the Dagwood comic strip.

It is a sandwich and hot dog place and the signature sandwich is called The Dagwood.

If you re old enough to know the lore of The Dagwood sandwich, then you would expect a large sandwich. Now, the Dagwood is reasonable size but is far from comic book size.

The menu lists this item as “Our Famous Dagwood Sandwich.” You can get this sandwich for $10.69 or with a bag of chips, but it will cost you $3 more.

The menu description reads: “Fresh baked onion & poppy seed bread piled high with baked ham, turkey, roast beef, American and Swiss cheese, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise and mustard.”

Now, this menu description could be seen as accurate. The sandwich can be tall, but it is mostly bread. If it means the bread is piled high, then it is accurate. If it means meat piled high, then no so much.

Most Universal Orlando veterans would caution people to avoid this signature sandwich. The sandwich is premade so if you order at the wrong time then your quality may be very low. The large amount of bread, after being chilled, can become very dry.

Now a premade sandwich is not always a bad thing. However, this place will also make made to order sandwiches. They will be same price as The Dagwood but far fresher on average.

The made to order options are roast beef, tuna, ham, and turkey. The bread will also be better than The Dagwood. Now, you will only get one type of protein, but it will be comparable in quantity to The Dagwood. If you go this route, I suggest the ham or turkey.

Yes, it is disappointing that the Dagwood is average at best since it should be highlight of this food location. However, do not give up hope when hungry in Toon Lagoon area. Wimpy’s is nearby and if you must have a sandwich then get a made to order one.

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