Review: Mardi Gras Shrimp Roll at Mythos (Islands of Adventure)

Mardi Gras Shrimp Roll at Mythos
Photo Credit: Mike Phalin

This week we visited Universal Orlando to see what was on offer for this year’s Mardi Gras event. Universal Studios has stalls-a-plenty offering up various New Orleans-styled dishes, but Islands of Adventure has something to offer, too.

The famed Mythos restaurant has one single Mardi Gras item, and it may be right for you if you’ve found the other items too spicy. Per Mythos‘s menu, the Mardi Gras Shrimp Roll comprises “poached shrimp, Dijon mayonnaise, shredded lettuce, toasted split roll, served with French Fries.

The Shrimp Roll’s contents are served cold, but the bun is not. It was pretty warm, but not to the point where it was affecting the mixture of shrimp, mayo, and lettuce. While the shrimp were somewhat small, there was a healthy amount of them. Each poached shrimp was cut into about three or four pieces. Quite a few bits fell out of the bun while I was eating.

Although the description says Dijon mayo, it does not taste of the typical Dijon. The sauce is thin but not runny. However, it lacks the bold flavor of many other Mardi Gras dishes available in Universal Studios. That isn’t to say it’s not good, just not as flavorful as I would have preferred.

The bun, oddly enough, is one of the best I’ve ever had with a dish like this. It was very light but did not succumb to its contents. There was no splitting or sogginess at all. Instead, the outside was lightly toasted, giving it enough crunch without crumbs spraying your face.

The fries were … fries. It’s hard to mess up theme park fries. If you’ve had them at one Universal resort, you’ve had the same kind as mine. They were fried perfectly, with no soggy ones hidden at the bottom of the pile.

I’d suggest this for shrimp fans who aren’t big on heavy spices and don’t want to risk having to down a bottle of Tumms after their meal. If you plan on visiting Mythos, regardless of the seasonal menu options, it is vital to book reservations in advance.

[Source: Mythos Restaurant]

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