Review: Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich Steakhouse 71


Over the last several years, Walt Disney World chefs have created some solid grilled cheese options. If you are like me, you associate grilled cheese with a standard quality lunch option. You might not associate a grilled cheese with food theme park resort food. Woody’s Lunch Box in Hollywood Studios offers a quality grilled cheese. That style grilled cheese will satisfy any kid-like appetite. Over at ABC Commissary, also in Hollywood Studios, guests find a “Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese.” Even picky eaters like that grilled cheese.

However, if you want a step up in culinary quality, Steakhouse 71 at the Contemporary Resort, serves a “Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich.” As the menu title declares, this grilled cheese provides more than some Kraft singles and butter on white bread. Having said that, I would not consider this to be a kid friendly grilled cheese. If someone in your group lacks an adventurous palate, then pass on this entrée. However, if the sound of a gourmet level grilled cheese interests you, then Steakhouse 71 meets that need.

The Gourmet Grilled Cheese costs $17 at Steakhouse 71. This grilled cheese only appears on the lunch menu so bear that in mind. Steakhouse 71 had three distinct menus (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) with a small amount of crossover between them. This sandwich comes with a choice of sides. Guests may choose between a petite wedge salad, pasta salad, and parmesan fries for their side. For the record, sides struggle to match the quality of the main entrées at this restaurant. I would suggest the parmesan fries with this sandwich though. However, please do not blame me that the sides pale in comparison to whatever lunch entrée you get. If you want a good side dish, order an appetizer of the onion rings to go with your entrée.

The menu description clearly indicates this grilled cheese sandwich in no way reflects stereo-typical grilled cheese. Toasted brioche bread surrounds the ingredients. Smoked gouda stars as cheese for this sandwich. In addition, caramelized onion jam and arugula round out this sandwich. Shredded pork belly within the sandwich adds a solid flavor boost

So how does this sandwich taste?

First, the onion jam works with this sandwich. Like I said earlier, this sandwich fails to match a kid’s normal palate. This jam provides a touch of savory and sweet at same time. The brioche also offers a touch of sweetness. The pork belly does not overwhelm this sandwich either. This sandwich arrives to your table prepared magnificently. The cheese provides the right level of creaminess and an even textu

Photo courtesy of Rope Drop Radio

I lack the skills to determine how the chefs found a way to balance all these flavors into one sandwich. Yet, they did. If looking for a nice upscale lunchtime sandwich, consider this option. Especially if you enjoy a smoky flavor and gouda cheese, this sandwich provides a home run. Of course, if looking for a more traditional grilled cheese, this sandwich might disappoint. You will have to make the best decision. As always, eat like you mean it!

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