Review: Chicken Piccata from Vivo Italian Kitchen Universal Orlando CityWalk


Just today, I chatted with several theme park friends recently about Italian dining at Orlando area theme park resorts. The consensus reached declared Italian food at those options inferior compared to other cuisine styles offered at Orlando area theme park options. For some time, my recommendation for Italian dining at Orlando theme park resort has been Vivo Italian Kitchen. However, I have noticed the quality here has started to drop also. Though my “Vegan Sausage Pasta” tasted good during a previous trip. Yet, this place still offers the best value for Italian dining at theme park resorts. One such example of this good value for table-service dining would be the Chicken Piccata.

The piccata entrée can be ordered with chicken or veal. This food item appears on the menu in the “Piatto Principlae” section. If ordering this, I would suggest the chicken. The piccata costs $23 with chicken and $27 with veal. The menu description sounds simple with only white wine, lemon, capers, and linguine mentioned.

Remember how I suggested selecting the chicken with this? The veal tends to receive worse reviews from guests, The chicken comes very well prepared with this pasta entrée. The classic issue of dry chicken rarely happens here. Also, one can easily cut the chicken into bite-size pieces. The chicken makes an excellent supporting player to the fresh pasta and aromatic sauce. Even the capers arrived with this pasta dish well prepared. Overall, the simple combination of flavors creates a satisfying meal with this. Also, the complimentary bread service makes a good medium to dip in the sauce if you have any extra.

Of course, no pasta dish functions without flaws. Some guests voice issues about texture with the combination. I suspect the capers created this complaint. Also, if you tend to add lemon to dishes, try avoiding that with this one. This piccata already possesses plenty of lemon flavor.

Sure, this pasta dish lacks the style of pizzaz of other offerings. Still, the quality continues at Vivo with this entree, at least. As always, eat like you mean it!


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