Review: Berries and Crème Waffles at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium


Ever since opening, Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen location has drawn large crowds. As a veteran of Universal Orlando, I remember when getting a table here for lunch presented no challenge. Sure, reservations for evening dining were difficult to come by. Over the last few years, even lunch time dining on a weekday requires a reservation often.

Yes, the big draw of this place revolves around the photogenic desserts. However, as the restaurant title indicates, the offer savory menu items also. In addition, even though Toothsome opens at 10:30pm at the earliest each day, guests may order off brunch style section of menu all day. Many guests get confused with several items being listed as brunch menu items. They think that they can only order them during brunch hours (whatever those hours might be). Yet, at Toothsome you can order a waffle at 2pm or 10pm if you desire.

Speaking of waffles, the Berries and Crème Waffles feature prominently on the brunch section of the menu. These cost $10.95. Like most things in our world, these cost a bit more than a year ago. Based on elements used this item qualifies as vegetarian (sorry, vegan diners). A well-prepared waffle comes topped with fresh seasonal berries, whipped topping, powdered sugar, lemon curd, and micro mint. Most of the time, this covered waffle reaches your table looking fabulous. Toothsome should get some credit for presentation with this item.

So, how does it taste? The waffle portion tastes as you would expect. Being the foundation of this creation, the waffle performs well. I cannot recall anyone ordering this voicing a complaint about the waffle. As you will see from the photos, I have dined with lots of different people who ordered this waffle.

As always, the fruit just tastes better in Florida. I realize that people who live in areas with fresh fruit always available may not understand. However, for those of us living primarily in the corn farming area of USA, I can tell you the fruit tastes better in Florida.

The lemon curd combined with the powdered sugar adds a solid refreshing component to this waffle. If you are a fan of whipped topping, Toothsome presents a quality version. We are not talking Cheesecake Factory level whipped topping but it is still good here.

For me, the potential negatives of this menu items involve portion size and sugar. Even though the waffle costs $10.95, I expected a heartier waffle. The portion size ranks as fully adequate for this price. I would have preferred a more filling waffle. Perhaps unfairly, I wanted more. The other negative connects to my personal presupposition about Toothsome. If you visit here without at least sharing one of their decadent desserts, did you really visit? How does someone eat a dessert after all this sugary goodness contained with this covered waffle?

Despite that, this brunch style item offers value. In addition, your budget will survive this purchase, especially if you have an annual pass discount. As mentioned earlier, this menu item continues to be popular. I have dined with many people who ordered it (at various times of day). I have never witnessed anyone walking away upset about getting it. Sure, I see some potential negatives to ordering this item. Yet, I could be wrong. I only try to present the facts as much as possible. With all the wonderful options on Toothsome’s menu, the decision for your meal here remains yours.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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