#RejectedStarWarsMerch is Trending on Twitter and Participants Did Not Disappoint


Today is going to be fun I can feel it. So far it’s started with a fantastic trending topic on Twitter called #RejectedStarWarsMerch and it’s full of fan ideas for merchandise that wasn’t produced and some images of questionable things that were.

Get your popcorn and prepare for a few laughs. This article is purely for fun!

(All Tweets belong to the accounts that tweeted them, but they deserve recognition because they have wonderful senses of humor.)


Well they aren’t wrong:

Still waiting for the Baby Yoda Flamethrower

This one has been around for awhile now:

This one exists:

This one is so bad but it’s so funny!
“Uses The Force pressure technology”

Finally this one, because it seems so true, but that’s why it was all wonderful!

There are so many great ones on Twitter right now! I want to thank the Star Wars fandom for all the laughs today. I am impressed and amused with the level of humor you have brought to this challenge. It makes me almost glad to be a Star Wars fan again…almost.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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