Refurbishment of Fast and Furious Supercharged at Universal Orlando (Well, Sort of)

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One of the highest grossing film franchises is the Fast and Furious. This is an actual intellectual property that Universal owns and it has a large fan base that cares about it.  After adding it to the Tram Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood, the decision was made to build an attraction at Universal Orlando using this franchise. The new attraction, Fast and Furious Supercharged, opened in 2015 at Universal Orlando.

To say this attraction was not well received by fans would be a large understatement. This is one of the lowest rated attractions in the history of Universal Orlando.

Universal Orlando fans lost Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue and Disaster! attraction so that “Supercharged” could be built. Universal Orlando fans are used to losing older attractions to be replaced with newer ones. They just expect the new attractions to be better. “Supercharged” fails to be better with so many issues that I would need to write 15 articles just to explain them.

Fans have asked, almost from the beginning, for Universal Orlando to tear “Supercharged” down and start over. A franchise about fast cars and unrealistic stunts gets a gigantic party bus for an attraction. Logic says there should have been more.

Rumors have been surfacing for a retheme of this attraction for at least two years. The rumors gets louder then they fade away. Within last month, the rumors of a retheme have become deafeningly loud.

Well sourced people were saying “Supercharged” would be down for a refurbishment. As rumor experts like Alicia Stella have pointed out, this is most likely why the Revenge of the Mummy extended refurbishment and Shrek 4D closure are scheduled in very early 2022. This gives time for a “Supercharged” refurbishment before end of year. Universal Orlando does not want a park running with numerous attractions closed or down.

Well, the rumors were right that “Supercharged” would have a refurbishment. Sadly, it is scheduled according to Universal Orlando’s own website to be just four days from November 8-11. Four days to fix this mess. I am not sure how much you can fix in four days.

This leaves many questions. Is this the entire refurbishment? If so, what can they do except change some of the film in the attraction slightly? If they do that, will it help the ride? Will they convert it to 3D glasses attraction to fix the unrealistic video presentation while on the party bus? Since this refurbishment is four weekdays, will they schedule several more weekday refurbishments to continue working on this attraction? If they do that, will it matter? Finally, is there really anything that can fix this dreadful attraction?

I have very few answers to those questions. Universal Orlando fans can hope that some new film sequences have been added to the attraction to help it make sense. I am not a fan of 3D glasses but adding that element to the attraction might help the situation a little. We know that in creating this attraction it was planned to use 3D glasses like a similar attraction, Skull Island: Reign of Kong. That plan was abandoned. This refurbishment might simply be adding 3D glasses into the experience. I would not be thrilled with that but at least it would help the comical sizing of character as seen while in the party bus.

I do not have high hopes for this four-day refurbishment. Yet, for this seemingly doomed from the start attraction, anything would be better. Sorry Fast and Furious, you deserved better than this below average attraction. I have never seen more than a few minutes of your movies but know that people love them. I guess we will find out on November 12th, 2021, what this refurbishment means.

Featured Image Credit: My News 13

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