Reedy Creek Firefighters Responding in SUVs As Rescue Vehicles Are Down

Photo via Reedy Creek Improvement District

Disney is already facing issues with the state of Florida over their Reedy Creek district and now their firefighter union is speaking out on the current situation involving emergency vehicles.

According to WESH the Reedy Creek Professional Firefighters Union is concerned about the number of rescue trucks and vehicles that are “out of commission.” It’s gotten so bad that they are responding to emergencies in SUVs.

Jon Shirey, president of the Reedy Creek Professional Firefighters Union told WESH:

On a normal day, we would have four fire engines and eight ambulances running all of the calls that serve the entire Disney property. Right now, we have only two of our fire engines actually in service, one tower truck, and then we have another crew that’s running out of our heavy rescue which does not have firefighting equipment on there.

We’ve had multiple situations because of how poorly maintained our fleet of vehicles is, where an ambulance will break down en-route to critical calls. We had a cardiac arrest call where the responding rescue broke down and then we had to send a separate rescue to go in and fill in for him. We had an incident where one of our own firefighters got injured on the job and had to be transported and the vehicle broke down en-route to the hospital with him in it, so it’s a major safety concern for us.

This sounds like a terrible situation for residents, guests, employees, and rescue personnel.

WESH said that they were provided photos that show gear put in a Ford Escape and a video with a vehicle not shifting into gear so it couldn’t be driven. And Shirey indicated that their emergency vehicle had to be towed from an emergency ambulance bay.

With all the profits and soaring guest expenses one would think that Disney could make sure their special district had the equipment and help they needed to protect their guests and employees. The board is apparently not answering the concerns of the union or the news outlet that reached out to them.

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Source: WESH

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