Pulled Chicken Coxinha at Universal Orlando Mardi Gras 2022


Mardi Gras 2022 at Universal Orlando continues going strong. The food festival style options persist in adding positively to the event. This expansion of food options started with the 2021 Mardi Gras event. At that event, Universal Orlando offered a stuffed coxinha. At the Brazil themed food area that year, guests may purchase these. Those teardrop shaped fritters were filled with pulled chicken. Last year, guests received four small coxinha for $5.49.

This year, the chicken coxinha (pronounced know-sheen-yuh) returned. I still lack the ability to say the official name of these fritters properly though.

They have returned with similar packaging and presentation to last year. Also, this year the price for these remains $5.49.

On a positive note, this year guests get 5 of the coxinhas for their money. I do not know if the coxinhas are smaller this year since I am unable to compare. Based on all potential discounts, these could be one of the best deals at Mardi Gras. The menu description this year reads crispy pulled chicken tear drop fritters. They come in a paper cone. While this cone may add to quality presentation, the cone lacks practical use since coxinhas will fall if you tip the cone. As a result, make sure you get plenty of napkins.

These fritters lack taste of grease that might be expected. Yet, they are clearly fried. The frying process creates a nice, tasty shell holding in the goodness within the fritter. The flavor differs from last’s year’s version, however. I think this year’s version tastes better than the previous year.  The chicken tastes good but nothing spectacular. The creamy texture inside creates a solid enjoyable flavor.

On the negative side, some guests disliked the creamier texture within each coxinha. Moreover, if you are watching your sodium intake, you should skip this one. Also, I felt for a Mardi Gras theme of “wilder, louder, spicier”, this needed a dipping sauce of some type to complete the experience. Of course, that demands an increase in price with a dipping sauce.

These coxinhas serve merely as a snack. Portion size rates as just okay. The flavor works well though. If you order these, your money will be well spent. As always, eat like you mean it!

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