Primeval Whirl Goes The Way Of The Dinosaurs As Deconstruction Begins.


The Primeval Whirl attraction opened in Animal Kingdom back in 2002 and is now in the process of being torn down after it was announced last year that the ride will be permanently closed following a brief time as a Seasonal Attraction.

The ride was one of the only attractions at Animal Kingdom’s DinoLand U.S.A. section, originally meant to be a big part of the park when it opened in 1998 but over the years has been sidelined in favor of the Asian section and of course Pandora section based on the 2009 James Cameron film Avatar.

Primeval Whirl would take guests through a time machine back into the past during the age of dinosaurs, which honestly felt a bit redundant when the Dinosaur ride, based on the 2000 film Dinosaur, used the same concept.

The ride is the old “Wild Mouse” roller coaster build, which simulates a mouse moving through a maze, but if going too fast could cause whiplash due to the strain of moving back and forth. The ride was known for causing neck and back injuries due to this, but also has the reputation of causing two employee deaths, one in 2007 after hitting their head while the ride was active and another due to head trauma the previous day.

Deconstruction has officially begun as parts of the track are being taken down. Other parts such as exterior and interior decorations are soon to follow as each layer of the structure is torn down piece by peace. The nearly 20 year old ride will no longer send guests back in time, but will instead live in the past, a past that it once took guests.

It is unknown if an new attraction will takes its place or if Disney plans an a new attraction for DinoLand at all currently. Personally I’d recommend something based on DinoTopia, I think they have the license for that, or at least had it at one point.

Will you miss this carnival ride in the land of Dinosaurs? 

Source: WDW News Today  

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