Port of Entry Character Interactions at Islands of Adventure


Universal Orlando frequently displays creativity using their relatively small amount of territory.  Amazingly, Universal Orlando offers two world class theme parks within a relatively small area. So, one of the many ways guests enjoy their day at Universal Orlando entails high quality character interaction. These range from mini shows like King Julien, traditional queues for the Grinch, and random pop-up characters. One example of random pop-up character interaction happens in Port of Entry area of Islands of Adventure.

port of entry

For years, Universal Orlando provided guests with walkaround characters. Most times, these characters were based mainly on other company’s intellectual properties. In contrast, Universal Orlando increased character interaction designed by Universal creative team. Additionally, the recent arrival of Earl the Squirrel character interactions shines showing this.

For many months, Port of Entry characters created solely by Universal Orlando entertain within Port of Entry. Lacking official titles, I call them as the mayor’s team and the scalawags. Naturally, these “streetmosphere” characters brighten up Port of Entry.

Usually found in heart of Port of Entry, the mayor and team encounter park guests. The mayor’s team desire everyone enjoy their experience. As a result, these characters act very polite and bit formal. Only one thing breaks them from this style of behavior. Any mention of disorder causes them to seem concerned.

The largest source of concern exists as the scalawags. In contrast, these more mischievous characters usually reside closer to the lagoon. Normally, these characters should be easy to spot as you walk by. They often walk around as stilt walking characters. Their attire resembles pirate theme. These characters dislike the mayor. Unless you want to alarm them, avoid mentioning the mayor. The apparent backstory plot of these characters desiring fun while the mayor wants order creates conflict. Guests playing off this dynamic enjoy some of the best interactions.

Most guests rapidly traverse their path through Port of Entry each day. Upon exit, weary guests often overlook entertainment within Port of Entry. On next visit, consider enjoying time with these highly entertaining character interactions at Islands of Adventure.

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