‘Peter Pan & Wendy’ Receives Lowest Audience Rating Of Any Disney Remake


Weeks after its premiere on Disney+ the new film Peter Pan & Wendy, the Live-Action Remake of the 1953 classic Peter Pan, has achieved a historical landmark; Though probably one that Disney wouldn’t want it to have.

As of writing this article, the film now has the lowest-rated audience score for any of the Disney Live-Action Remakes. The film currently sits at a 13% Audience Score with over 5000 user reviews. That blows the previous record holder, 2022’s Pinocchio Remake (which had a 28% Audience Score) out of the water (no pun intended).

Critically, the film still is ranked “fresh” at 62%.

Ever since the film’s first teaser trailer, people have been mixed about the casting choices, the changes in characters/character motivations, and the overall film looking dull and lifeless.

Here are some mid-range reviews:

As a Peter Pan fan this movie just doesn’t hit the mark the original Disney movie did, or the 2003 Peter Pan movie. The costumes were dull, Neverland itself was very lackluster too. A huge disappointment.” – Shannon K

It’s nothing wrong with making a safe movie for kids but this was just a plain snore fest. The editing ruined a lot for me and Jude is trying his absolute best and somewhat saves the movie but there’s no fun between the characters. Found myself more invested checking my mails and having the film on in the background. Won’t see again.” – Ubbe L.

Visually it’s a beautiful film, good acting from j.law.. unfortunately the rest where meh.. none of the cast seemed to have an on screen connection, pans acting was wooden at best, I found myself uninvested in the story before halfway into the film I don’t think it was the actor but I couldn’t stand Wendy, less compassion than previous representations, which I felt wasn’t an improvement for the character personally, smee was okay.. In short the movie hasn’t finished yet and my curiosity brought me to see if my opinion met the mass… Seemingly so.” -Savage H

Peter pan is my favorite story. Im pretty disappointed in this. Its like a cheap knock off of Peter Pan with Jermey Sumpter. Almost to the exact scenes in some spots. Actors are bleh here. I think i also expected them to look different. I expected more originality outside of that. Honestly, i expected more in general. If disney is going to redo movies a million times over, at least make it worth it.” -Debbra L.

It seems people are getting tired of the Live-Action Remakes. We have yet to see what the upcoming Live-Action Remake of 1989’s The Little Mermaid will be, but it has also been receiving mixed reactions following its Hollywood premier ahead of release.

With very few films left to remake, it seems that the hype and profitability of remaking their older movies is no longer drawing crowds.

With the company announcing a Live-Action Remake of Moana, a film that isn’t even a decade old, it shows how out of touch the trend has seemingly become.

What do you think? Is Peter Pan & Wendy deserving of the low audience score?

Source: The Direct

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