People on Twitter Petition to Remove ‘Song of the South’ from Splash Mountain

(Photo Credit: Disney)

If you are a Disney fan you likely know about Song of the South. You either know it from the film that Disney now tries to bury or from the Splash Mountain attraction.  In Splash Mountain, Disney used characters from the stories in the film, but now many are considering the attraction itself racist. Some on Twitter are saying that Disney should completely close or retheme Splash Mountain. Some even saying it should be themed to another movie, that some find problematic, Pocahontas. Some want it changed into The Princess and the Frog and some want it to be Moana.


Many people seemed to be surprised that the ride was based on Song of the South, but now that they do they are demanding it to be changed. Not sure how they didn’t know.

If I were a betting woman I’m putting my money down that Disney will shut down Splash Mountain after this and will likely retheme it. After the big deal they’ve made about being anti-racism they most definitely will change it because people are mad.

Heck they changed the auction scene in Pirates of the Caribbean when barely anyone complained about it, so I fully expect them to change this now.

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