People Are Saying That YouTube Is Blocking Some Videos With Peter Pan & Wendy Footage


The other day Disney released the first trailer for their upcoming Live-Action Remake of their 1953 classic Peter Pan now being called Peter Pan and Wendy. The film will be released as a Disney+ exclusive and will star Alexander Molony as Peter, Ever Anderson as Wendy, Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell and Jude Law as Captain Hook.

However the trailer hasn’t received the reception Disney was looking for. As of right now the trailer is being massively disliked on YouTube with 28K upvotes to 164K downvotes, a somewhat similar reaction to the upcoming remake of The Little Mermaid.

So far the biggest complaint is the fact that the “Lost Boys” are now apparently the “Lost Children” as we see many girls included in the group. Others are arguing that it’s due to the ethnic diversity of the children, however others are pointing out that the 1991 classic Hook featured many non-white lost boys with Dante Bosco’s Rufio being a fan favorite. In fact Hook included non-white pirates amongst the crew while Peter Pan & Wendy seems to only be predominantly white.

But aside from hiding/disabling dislikes on their videos Disney is being accused of blocking videos on YouTube containing any footage of the trailer.

Multiple YouTube commentators are reporting that their videos are either being blocked by YouTube or are having the comments on their videos being automatically disabled. 



Heelvsbabyface argued that this seems to be either only for this film or a recent change. Noting that in the past YouTubers could run trailers and footage for Marvel movies and comment on that as it is protected under fair use. But now is seems that Disney is either overstepping their boundaries with copyright claims on videos or rules have been changed.

Editors Note: It is possible for an entity to strike something in order to temporarily block it. If it is indeed fair use, the YouTuber can dispute it and it usually will be reversed, but it can take days for that to happen.  Only if it does fall under “fair use” guidelines. The fact that these videos are allegedly being blocked and / or having the comments disabled is what concerns me.

What I want to know is if the same thing is happening with other YouTubers who are speaking positively about the film? If channels are being manipulated across the board it would be seen as less of an issue than if it’s just certain channels that are not reviewing the trailer favorably. 

The magic spell that people were under for the past decade praising Disney’s Live-Action Remakes seems to have worn off. 2022’s Pinocchio remake was hated by both audiences and critics. With Disney doubling down on remakes and sequels one has to wonder where the originality has gone.

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