Oscar Isaac Talks About His “Very Difficult Decision” To Join The MCU


The upcoming Moon Knight series from Marvel for Disney Plus seems to be gaining a lot of buzz. Originally considered a C or D list character, Moon Knight surged in popularity in recent years. So much so that Marvel has decided to give him his own series as part of the MCU’s fourth phase. 

The role of the titular anti-hero will be played by actor Oscar Isaac. While playing smaller roles in films such as 2010’s Robin Hood and 2011’s Sucker Punch he is perhaps best known for playing Poe Dameron in the recent Disney Star Wars Trilogy films in 2015, 2017 and 2019. He is also no stranger to the world of Marvel as he played the villain Apocalypse in the 2016 film X-Men: Apocalypse.

While the actor seems like a fine fit for the role, he recently spoke in an interview with Kevin Polowy of Yahoo Entertainment about how he felt hesitant to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe at first:

I had mostly reservations. I was a very difficult decision. So it was really important that if I was going to do it, it had to feel like there was something really different and special and unique about it. One of the first things was I started to create this really weird, different character that wasn’t necessarily on the page. And, in a way, was to get me interested, but was also to see if Kevin and everybody at Marvel was interested in a collaboration. I presented that character to them and Kevin said, ‘Yeah, go for it,’ gave me the green light with it. So I really felt like there was an opportunity to make a personal story on the biggest of stages.

The mini series is set to premier excessively on Disney Plus on May 4th and is set to consist of six 40-50 minute episodes. 

Are you looking forward to the new show?

Source: Comicbook.com

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