Orlando Area Hotels and Theme Parks Could Use Technology To Keep Guests Safe

Thermal camera system can scan body temperatures on people as quickly as they can walk through to help identify individuals potentially infected by COVID-19 or other viruses

Eventually the parks and hotels will open in both Orlando and Anaheim. Orlando Weekly did an article talking about some of the measures they expect to be utilized to keep tabs on guests from thermal cameras, to drones, to even facial recognition programs. What’s even more interesting, they are already being used.

The Orlando Weekly put together these current examples and here at PNP we believe in crediting our sources so full credit to them.

What technology could the parks and hotels use upon reopening?

We already know that Disney is planning on taking guest temperatures and there was a recent survey out by Universal Orlando asking guests what measures they would be comfortable with up reopening.

But area hotels are also making plans. The Orlando Weekly mentioned that the Wynn Resorts have already been using thermal cameras at their entrances to keep tabs on the guests’ temperatures “in a non-invasive way.”

Thermal camera system can scan body temperatures on people as quickly as they can walk through to help identify individuals potentially infected by COVID-19 or other viruses

At the University of South Australia they are testing special drones that can monitor vital signs including heart rate and body temperature from the air.

According to the BBC, the data is obtained by combining “Image-processing systems with specially created algorithms allow the drones to detect vital signs in several people at once, while they are moving.”This could definitely be something that resorts might consider using. I could see real-world applications for numerous businesses.

Something else that the Orlando Weekly brought up is the possibility that Disney will get rid of the finger print scanners and replace them with facial recognition software.

This makes sense as those scanners are very unsanitary. We always use hand sanitizer or go right in and wash our hands, after using them. They even started to wipe the scanners down between guests right before the closure announcements came.

It’s not a far jump to the facial recognition idea because we know they already use it.

If you’ve seen guests have issues with their cards or magic bands at entry points, the Cast Members will usually summon someone to help and they are holding tablets. I got in a position to see what was on one of those when my husband had issues with his band. The cast member was pulling up numerous shots of my husband throughout the park to confirm he was indeed himself. They did try to make sure I couldn’t see what was on the screen, but there was no way I could miss it.

Disney wouldn’t be the only one, Universal already confirmed they were planning on using this software at their new Beijing Park. Here’s a video about it from AFP News Agency on YouTube.

More virtual queuing

This is something I have thought about as well. Recently there were articles about how “virtual queuing tabs” were popping up on the My Disney Experience App. This led many to speculate that perhaps Disney was going to offer the virtual queues to keep the lines spread out more. Of course, this could lead to more people clustering together at other locations while they wait. The only way to avoid that is by limiting capacity. People are either in line or they are walking around heading for a line.

Other technology they mentioned involved better sanitation products and techniques from new anti-viral cleaners to more automated methods taking over some of the jobs. I’m sure their argument will be “cost cutting” since they lost so much money. When people make the parks I’m not sure this is a very good idea.

You can read more about the Orlando Weekly’s ideas and research in their article HERE. They had to lay off a bunch of staff due to the shut-downs and advertising rate crash so if you could give them a view please do.

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