Opinion: The Cruella Memes Truly Outshine The Disney+ Film

SPOILERS! My god, are these spoilers! Don’t look on if you actually care about watching Disney’s 2021 live-action adaptation 101 Dalmations prequel. There’s a very awkwardly shot and executed plot point in the film. It involves a young Cruella, her mother, and the film’s antagonist, The Baroness.

I’d say it’s silly, but when you see the scene in action, it goes beyond that—everything from how the dogs are filmed to everyone’s reactions to the event borders on parody. When I first saw it, I thought it was a weird nightmare sequence. Nope. It was genuinely something that happened in this Disney movie.

Hopefully, we’ve eaten up enough page space to give those who don’t want the ending spoiled not to see anything accidentally.

Since the film premiered last week on Disney+, Twitter has been flush with memes regarding the above-mentioned scene. The versatility of memes is on full display here. So, let’s look at some of the best:


The same meme but with At Doom’s Gate done via barking dogs.

Death by being knocked off a cliff by trained dogs is … something. Cruella is a pretty competent film for a good chunk but totally falls off the cliff multiple times. Did Disney want a Disney villain or a DC villain origin story? Why the hell didn’t her mom react at all? That’s the most frustrating thing. She stands there.

The Dog Genital Cam (TM) is also an odd choice. So many weird decisions. This entire film may have needed another pass through the editing room to trim it down by a good thirty minutes. At that point, we would have had a fun, if not unnecessary, Cruella film.

What are your thoughts on this odd scene? At what point does a writer or director think, “This sounds really stupid?” Have you seen any other memes we should add to the list?

Let us know in the comments.

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