Opening Year for Universal’s Epic Universe Has Been Announced


Today, on Comcast’s earning call Universal Orlando Resort executives announced that the upcoming Epic Universe Park will open in 2023!

It’s about what we thought it would be as these things take some time and 4-5 years is pretty standard.

(Photo Credit: Universal)

Nothing else has been announced at this time. Still waiting to hear what other IPs will be added to this “Epic Universe.” It’s all been practically confirmed about Nintendo Land, and it is likely there will be more Wizarding World of Harry Potter, an a Universal Monsters area, but again nothing has been confirmed or announced.

(Image from Orlando Park Stop)

One thing we do know that Universal has said that this new gate will bring 14,000 new jobs at a reported $15 an hour starting wage. This is going to shake things up quite a bit in Orlando.

Personally, I am looking forward to this new gate and I can’t wait for future announcements.

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