Official Star Wars Account Makes Statement About Racism In Regards To Moses Ingram


It seems that the official Star Wars account on Twitter has posted a statement in regards to actress Moses Ingram on the new Disney+ ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ show. What’s strange is that before the show even began Ingram said that Lucasfilm warned her about the “racism” she would face being in ‘Star Wars’ and now they have put out a statement.



Of course most everyone agrees 100% that racism is wrong and should NOT be an issue. But I think there is more to this than that.

Do I think a small group of people don’t like her character over racist issues? Absolutely.

Do I think it’s a large enough number for Lucasfilm to put out a statement over? No.
In fact I find it very odd that they led with the “racism” comment before the show came out, almost as if seeing it up that any criticism would be labeled as “racism.”

Star Wars is filled with POC characters across films, shows and books. People don’t have issues with them. The main issue I’ve heard about the character of Reva is that the writing isn’t great and her character is unlikable. Given that she’s supposed to start out that way and she’s an Inquisitor, one would think that was the point.

It is ironic that this came from the Star Wars official account given that they also made comments about racism in regards to their High Republic Show host Krystina Arielle, however she herself made some comments that some felt were not okay.

Gina Carano had all kinds of posts calling her phobic for not putting her pronouns in her bio and faced Twitter abuse for months and the Star Wars account said nothing about that.

Lucasfilm has also come under fire for allegedly taking the character of Finn off of the sequel trilogy movie posters in China. So these comments are angering people further.

I am sure that there are racist jerks out there making comments. But I also know that Lucasfilm has tended to take the actions of a few to paint anyone who doesn’t like their work with a broad brush. Not liking the character of Reva or the new show does not mean that there is a “racism” problem. Especially since they were leading with it before the show started. It comes across more as a way to automatically dismiss criticism and that lessens the message.

To those that are being legitimately racist, you need to stop!

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