No, Walt Disney World Is Not Eliminating Stand-by Lines In Their Parks


Lately, there have been so many parody articles and AI movie posters and dubs that I spend at least an hour or two a week debunking them. One of the latest misconceptions comes from Mouse Trap News, which is a parody site, hence the name. In a recent “story” they claimed that Walt Disney World was removing physical lines.

They claimed that Virtual Queues would be used for all attractions and guests could hold two reservations at a time.

But what would people do till their next attraction?

According to the satire article, guests can spend more money by shopping or paying to play a new interactive game like Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

To be fair, it sounds plausible. Especially given how Disney keeps up charging for things like Genie+ and Lightning Lane. If anything, Disney should note how many people find this believable. Given the company’s behavior as of late, potential customers believe that Disney would do this. Currently, Disney does use a Virtual Queue line, but it is included with your ticket “if” you can score a reservation spot.

It sounds believable but it isn’t true.

The Mouse Trap article does sound plausible, but it starts off by referencing another article the site did about an attraction called “The Line” where you pay to wait in line. That should have been a good indication that the article was a joke.

If you hear a rumor and it comes from Mouse Trap News, it’s likely just a satirical article and meant to be a joke. But if you are looking for a good laugh at Disney’s expense, they come up with some of the best parodies out there. I highly recommend checking them out, with the understanding that it’s satire.

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