New Virtual Queue Patents from Disney


Recently a number of New Patents from Disney shows a brand new system designed as a new way to try and reduce the long standby lines you see at the parks.

The patent application was published on May 20th, 2021 and it’s primary concern is that of the large lines that most theme park guests try to avoid when coming to the hot Florida heat or dry California weather, using the quote “Dynamic Management of Virtual Queues”.

In the Patent Application a few quotes are made to explain the purpose of this new innovation

One drawback of requiring guests to wait in a queue is the psychological and physical toll that a prolonged wait can impose on those guests. As common experience will testify, waiting in line is at best tedious and, depending on the length of the wait and environmental conditions, may be physically uncomfortable.

Another drawback of physical queues is that they prevent a guest waiting in line from enjoying other attractions available in the same venue, which may further frustrate the waiting guests while also depriving other attractions of traffic and potential revenue. Depending on the length of the queue, a physical queue can also have unpleasant consequences for other users of the venue, for example, by congesting public spaces and restricting freedom of movement for non-queueing users of the venue.

The Main Purpose of this new technology is to collect Data to make an efficient Queue Management System for Guests. The example shows a Guests making a reservation for an Attraction while they ride a different attraction while their wait for the other one before their reservation is called. The system would attempt to collect data on the guest for wait times and return times.

If this new Technology does help with the long lines I’d be all for it, but you can’t really micro-manage everything that goes on in the parks as from time to time things have been known to break down or not work properly as designed. We’ll just have to wait and see if this experiment works, and if it does I’m sure other parks will try to implement something similar yet different enough to not get sued.

Source: WDW News Today 

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