New Universal Trademark Filings Indicate Possible EPIC Universe Attraction Names


Recently five new trademark names were filed concerning Universal Orlando and are likely for the upcoming Epic Universe park. A couple of the filings possibly confirm rumored names or theming for some of the attractions.

The find was posted to Twitter by the @CygnusParkYT account. 

Filed trademarks include Constellation Carousel, Starfall Racers, The Oak and Star Tavern, Curse of the Werewolf, and Dark Universe.

There have been rumors that the attractions in the hub area would be space themed. Names like Constellation Carousel, Starfall Racers, and The Oak and Star Tavern sound like this not only confirms that they will likely be located in that area. Currently, a racing coaster is being built in that area, so this is likely the Starfall Racers attraction.

@bioreconstruct has been posting aerial images of its construction:

That leaves the “Dark Universe” and “Curse of the Werewolf” trademarks.

Curse of the Werewolf will likely be the coaster’s name in the Universal Monsters area. It’s been the rumored name for a while.


Dark Universe could indicate the name of the Universal Monsters area or an attraction in that area. Given that Universal was, at one point, going to create Monsterverse films under “The Dark Universe” banner, it is likely related to that park area.

It is all starting to come together, which is exciting for fans.

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Sources: A friend – Gina, Twitter

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