New Rumor Places Ministry of Magic Elevator Ride in Wizarding World Epic Universe Addition


There is a new rumor that is coming from Orlando Park Stop about what the upcoming Epic Universe might have in it’s Wizarding World addition. Since it is coming from the Orlando Park Stop I immediately give it a lot more attention and likelihood of being true, than I might with other sites.

According to Orlando Park Stop this is a potential ride attraction coming. It was originally an idea that was rumored to be for the Diagon Alley area but was of course not used then.

Since the new land is rumored to be based on the Fantastic Beasts branch of the Wizarding World it would make sense to set an attraction at the Ministry of Magic. It’s a large part of those films and it can be used across the entire franchise. Although, according to the blog, it should be set in the 1990’s.

Here is what they are predicting the ride to be like:

Guests will enter large fireplaces to get into the British Ministry using the Floo Network. Special effects will seamlessly bring us to the other side of the wall, where we will now be standing in the huge hall leading to the Ministry’s atrium. There will also be fireplaces to exit the building, which have been rumored to exit through phone booths on the other side.

Other elements like trackless ride system and a story with Delores Umbridge seem to have been scrapped. You can read more about those on the original article.

As for the ride vehicles they speculate that it will be like the SCOOP vehicles seen on The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man while the ride system could be like Transformers The Ride 3D.

It would of course then use 3D glasses like those other attractions and more screens and projections. Oh boy.

Also mentioned was a permit filed for a what is believed to be a theater in that area as well.

“With a theater planned to be connected to the British Ministry attraction, it’s also possible that the courtroom setting could have been split off from the main ride, and into its own attraction at Epic Universe. We still don’t have any information for this theater show, other than approved building permits seem indicate it will have at least 642 seats.”

It’s interesting for sure. This is just an overview, the original article has far more data and evidentiary support and I highly recommend giving it a read and following that blog if you want well thought out and researched Universal news and theories.

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