New Rumor Has Robert Downey Jr. Returning As Iron Man For Disney+ Nomad Series


A new rumor from Giant Freakin Robot has RDJ returning to Marvel for a limited series on Disney+. The series would have him returning to the Tony Stark / Iron Man roll.

According to the rumor Disney wants to do a Nomad show for Disney+. Nomad was the new name Captain America took in stories that had the character disillusioned after finding out the President of the United States was part of a bad organization. RDJ would be shown in the past as Steve Rogers returns Infinity Stones to various places in the time line.

If true, this would give Marvel a much needed boost with characters they replaced. It could also indicate that the new direction for the MCU is not going well. However, GFR does point out that they do not know if Chris Evans would return, but they are hearing RDJ is.

They also indicate that Vision could also play a part in the new show.

Vision was created by the Mind Stone and JARVIS before the stone was ripped from his face by Thanos. So, if Steve Rogers is going to be returning the stones, does he travel back in time to give the stone back to Vision?

Of course it’s all rumor right now. I’m not sure how well it would work if they don’t retain both RDJ and Chris Evans, but nothing has been officially confirmed at this point.

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Source: Giant Freakin Robot

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