New Halloween Seasonal Voodoo Doughnut Review


This article will discuss the new Trail Mix-A-Lot doughnut at Universal Orlando Voodoo Doughnut and various issues with menu inaccuracies.

The Voodoo Doughnut location within Universal Orlando CityWalk continues to create long queues for their products. When I fly out of Orlando, I often see boxes of their doughnuts within the terminal held by future passengers taking them home. When staying at the Universal Orlando/Loews hotels, Voodoo Doughnut boxes remain easy to spot. For me, my attraction to Voodoo Doughnut revolves around their commitment to creating seasonal themed doughnuts to match events at Universal Orlando. This spooky season sees them doing this again with some drama.

Before discussing the drama, Universal Orlando’s online menu earned great criticism for being inaccurate. The chance of inaccuracies grows exponentially if the restaurant functions as a third-party place like Voodoo Doughnut.

Having said that, Voodoo Doughnut’s Universal Orlando online menu indicates many products available for sale that fail to be available. For example, only recently, did that online menu remove the “Jurassic World” doughnut from early summer. Since it is still passholder days, The Mango Ginger Kiss doughnut should be available, but it has not been recently. Also, Universal Orlando marketed a “Chucky” doughnut for sale during Halloween Horror Nights season. However, speaking with team members at Voodoo Doughnut this week, I learned that this doughnut would not be sold until October, a month after Halloween Horror Nights started. Yet, a “Cauldron” doughnut appears on Voodoo Doughnut menu now. My point relates to the fact that you should be careful trusting Universal Orlando’s online menu.

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

Despite that, a new doughnut popped up at Voodoo called the “Trail Mix-A-Lot” doughnut. This costs $3.45 featuring a yeast ring doughnut dipped in chocolate then covered in crushed pretzels, mini M&M’s and drizzled with peanut butter. Since that doughnut was available, I decided to order it. Since I was warned that the black dye with the “Cauldron” doughnut would be impressive, that made this choice easier.

The “Trail Mix a-Lot” doughnut I received looked a bit bigger than standard ones here. However, I suggest a fork and knife for this one. The potential mess factor could dampen your enjoyment.

So how did it taste? Well, overall, this doughnut tasted pretty good. The pretzel sticks still suffer from moisture common here. Yet, since I got it earlier in the day, that issue seemed less noticeable. The rest of the toppings were good. The yeast doughnut portion brought a good foundation and its own flavor also.

Though I am not sure I would order this again, I see this as a solid option at Voodoo Doughnut. I think someone who prefers more common doughnuts could share this with someone who likes extravagant doughnuts if needed. Sure, this doughnut lacks anything special except multiple toppings. Still, the flavors combine well and provide a safer enjoyable option for even picky eaters. As always, eat like you mean it!

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