Dolby Cinema Mulan Poster Has Been Released and Tickets are Now on Sale– But Will People Go?


Mulan fans you can now go and get your tickets because they are on sale now.


Disney has also released a new Dolby Cinema poster for the film.

I love how they showed both versions of Mulan in one poster.

How do people feel about this new re-make?

The new version of Mulan has stirred up a few controversies since it’s announcement, including the lack of Mushu, the lack of musical numbers, and the new PG-13 rating. I find it refreshing that it isn’t a complete re-hashing of an existing animated film. This one seems to be trying at find a middle ground where it’s similar and inspired by the original, yet different and new.

What are the box office predictions so far?

Currently IMDb is predicting the box office numbers as follows:

Opening Weekend: $60 – $70 million

Total Domestic: $150 – $175 million

Total Worldwide: $550 – $650 million gave a lower projection for the opening weekend:

Opening Weekend Range: $40 – 60 million

Why is it being lowered?

The lowered projections are due to the likely delayed release in many theaters due to the current worries about the Covid 19.

Factoring in the Coronavirus, the numbers, especially worldwide, could change significantly. As it stands China has already closed it’s 70,000 movie theaters due to the virus. This could be big issue in the box office take as China has the second largest box office behind the United States.

Now, that doesn’t mean a film can’t hit large numbers without China, Joker did it and Sonic The Hedgehog is doing fairly well without the Chinese box office, but with Mulan banking on recognizable Chinese stars and the Chinese box office, it might come up very short.

The film cost $200 million dollars and by estimates they need a global box office to push them over their expenses. Going by IMDb’s estimates, the total domestic won’t be enough, and their estimates are higher than others, so it’s very important for the film to have a good performance in areas outside of the US box office.

Ticket pre-orders could mislead predictions as a lot of people might hold off purchasing tickets until closer to the movie’s release on March 27th. Instead taking a “wait and see” approach because of the virus.

But if Mulan doesn’t perform Disney will at least have a plausible excuse, which is something they didn’t really have with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Only time will tell. Tickets are now on sale! Let’s hope audiences will go, but it’s highly probable they won’t and it isn’t all on Disney.

You can purchase your Mulan tickets via your preferred theater, Fandango, Atom Tickets, or other ticketing services.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

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